Most important requirements for giving blood

Feel healthy

i.g. no colds. Sniffles, sore throats, etc.

Age: 18 - 60 years (1st time donor)

Multiple donors up to 75 years

Min. 50 kg weight

A minimum weight of 50 kg is important for blood donation, otherwise your blood volume might not be sufficient.

Frequent waiting times until the next blood donation

All criteria for blood donation can be found in the online questionnaire (in french). On site you can ask for an english questionnaire.

Blood pressure / haemoglobin value

On site, we check whether your blood pressure and haemoglobin value (indication of the number of red blood cells) are suitable for blood donation.


Variable - to be clarified in Vaccination-Check
(mRNA such as Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech as well as Vaccine Janssen from Johnson & Johnson):
48 hours if symptom-free. See Information on COVID-19

Dentist / Dental Hygiene

  • 24 hours (Dental Hygiene) after scaling or simple fillings.
  • 1 week after tooth extraction (removal of a tooth without surgical intervention).
  • 2 weeks after discontinuation of antibiotic treatment and disappearance of symptoms after complicated extraction or surgical intervention.

Small injuries occur during these treatments. These can be entry points for bacteria and viruses.

Small skin injuries / fever blisters

Variable - to be clarified*


Antibiotics: 2 weeks after end of treatment if no symptoms present.
Other drugs: variable - to be clarified* - read question 6 in the online questionnaire

Travelling abroad

In the last 12 months - to be clarified on Travelcheck

Tattoo / Piercing / Permanent Make-up / Microblading

4 months

Change of partner

At least 4 months. For more details please read question 16 in the online questionnaire


1 year after birth

Medical surgery

Variable - to be clarified*

Gastroscopy / colonoscopy

At least 4 months - to be clarified*

(Infectious) diseases

Variable - to be clarified*
Explanation (infectious) diseases: read question 8 and 13 in the online questionnaire. Information on COVIC-19 and blood donations

Close contact with people with infectious diseases

Variable - to be clarified*

Risk behaviour or drug use

Variable - to be clarified*
Explanation of risk behaviour: read question 16 in the online questionnaire

Tick bite

1 month without symptoms. To be clarified with symptoms*.

Hay fever

For moderate seasonal allergies (hay fever), you can donate again after the symptoms have subsided.
(With mild symptoms (with / without antihistamines) you can donate blood).

Not eligible to donate blood - criteria

Stay in UK 1980 - 1996

Longer than 6 months. Explanation

Blood transfusion received after 1980

*contact us via 0800 148 148 or

1 in 10 can't donate blood

Around 10% of those willing to donate cannot donate blood because of the waiting periods. But postponed is not cancelled. Try again later. We look forward to your visit!